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Cordyceps militaris ~ dried & powdered ~ 100g. ~ in compostable package

~ Medicinal Mushrooms for Mind & Body

Add to your favourite hot beverage, encapsulate, add to smoothies, add in food preparation…

The purported health benefits of ingesting cordyceps include an incredible range:

1. Disease fighting anti-oxidants.

2. Anti-aging. Improves memory & extends lifespan.

3. Blood-sugar regulation, with particularly substantial results on type-2 diabetes.

4. Promotes good kidney function.

5. Anti-inflammatory & anti-asthma.

6. Cardiovascular. Reduces dangerous LDL cholesterol levels. Used to treat arrhythmia.

7. Enhances athletic performance. Prompt the body to produce more of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is vital for supplying energy to the muscles.

8. Relieves fatigue & boosts energy levels.

9. An effective cure for chronic bronchitis.

10. Enhances immune system operations. Increased liver performance, protection against virus', & detoxifying properties.

Cordyceps ~ dried, powdered ~ 100g.

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