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Chaga mushrooms, steamed, dried, & powdered. 100g. in resealable zipper-pack made of compostable cellulose. (no plastic)


Chaga is incredibly high in antioxidants, reduces inflammation, promotes good gut health, battles cancer cells and bad bacteria.

Strengthens arterial walls, increases good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol.


Take as a daily nutritional supplement by adding mushroom powders to hot drinks, encapsulating, making tinctures or sprinkling on food and fortifying stocks & soups.


Chaga Mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus)  The  anti-oxidant mushroom:  activated, dried, & powdered.

Add to tea, coffee, or cacao drinks.
Add to food. Encapsulate. Make tinctures & teas...

The Antioxidant capacity of a substance is measured on the ORAC scale. Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity. Nothing rates higher on this scale than Chaga mushrooms.  Compare to these high ranking antioxidants:

Chaga:        1104 ORAC units/gram
Acai berry:   165 ORAC units/gram
Pinto Beans:  78 ORAC units/gram
Raspberries:  49 ORAC units/gram


Chaga is also featured in two of Meteor Mushrooms blends.

Focus & Fortify is a blend of 5 potent medicinal mushrooms:


Daybreak Vitality is the same 5 medicinal adaptogenic mushrooms, made into an instant hot drink blend, with raw cacao, ashwagandha, ginger and other chai spices:


Chaga Mushroom ~ dried, powdered ~ 100g.

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