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A blend of healing mushrooms, herbs, & roots that target respiratory issues and help to clear phlegm & mucus.Dissolve 1 or 2 teaspoons of powder in a mug of boiling water.Add honey if you prefer it sweeter. (It already contains powdered honey which is known to aid with respiratory conditions).Cordyceps & turmeric in conjunction with black pepper, are natural anti-inflammatories.Drink Breathe Deep at morning, noon, & night, to clear your respiratory system and aid with healing and inflammation.

The ginger & turmeric flavours are soothing and enjoyable.


Excellent for helping to deal with colds & flus and the coughing and mucous caused by them. Soothing relief for breathing conditions of all types.


Makes approximately 35 mugs of delicious hot drinks.


Available as a single sale or save 25% by signing up for a monthly subscription. (cancel anytime)




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Breathe Deep ~ Hot Drink Mix

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  • The purported health benefits of ingesting cordyceps include an incredible range:
    1. Disease fighting anti-oxidants.
    2. Anti-aging. Improves memory & extends lifespan.
    3. Blood-sugar regulation, with particularly substantial results on type-2 diabetes.
    4. Promotes good kidney function.
    5. Anti-inflammatory & anti-asthma.
    6. Cardiovascular. Reduces dangerous LDL cholesterol levels. Used to treat arrhythmia.
    7. Enhances athletic performance. Prompt the body to produce more of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is vital for supplying energy to the muscles.
    8. Relieves fatigue & boosts energy levels.
    9. An effective cure for chronic bronchitis.
    10. Enhances immune system operations. Increased liver performance, protection against virus', & detoxifying properties.

  • “The mushroom of long life”

    Reishi mushroom can enhance immune function through its effects on white blood cells, which help fight infection and cancer.

    Anti-cancer, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, improves liver function, & a natural anti-histamine.

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