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A highly nutritious mix of select mushrooms:  Reishi, lions mane, cordyceps, chaga, & turkey tail.


Add to your coffee, tea, or cacao.

Use in cooking.

Encapusalate for daily dosing.

  or CHOOSE 100 GELCAPS for convenient daily dose. 450mg/cap (1 or 2 / day)


Equal quantity of these 5 adaptogenic mushrooms:

*Reishi Mushrooms:  Touted to boost the immune system, lower stress levels, calm nerves, improve sleep, fight cancer...
*Lions Mane Mushrooms:  Recent studies at Johns Hopkins University reveal that consumming lions mane can help you regrow brain and nerve cells. This neuroregenerative ability can be used to stave off alzheimers disease & dementia, heal head trauma & treat concussion syndrome. It has been noted to help with mood issues, brain fog, early onset dementia, & give clarity of mind.
*Cordyceps mushrooms have been used to enhance physical and mental performance. Consumption of cordyceps raises ATP which your cells use as energy. Cordyceps are used in traditional Chinese medicine to heal, energize the body, & focus the mind.
*Chaga has the highest levels of anti-oxidants in nature. Freeing your body of free radicals lowers the risks of cancer development. Chaga is a great immunity booster, an anti-carcinogen, and the ultimate anti-oxidant.
*Turkey tail mushrooms are noted for their immune boosting capability and are used as a natural cancer fighting medicine.

Focus & Fortify ~ 5 mushroom powder:
~ is available as a 100g package or as 100 x capsules (400mg/capsule)

~ 5 equal parts by weight of our favourite 5 medicial mushrooms
~ is a great well rounded daily supplement
~ is made of only mushroom fruiting bodies with no additives, fillers, or BS.
~ is a blend of 5 amazing mushrooms that strengthen the immune system and give a natural energy boost
~can be ordered as a single package or set up as a monthly subscription (save 25% on the listing price)
~is available as one of the options in the TRIO deal which gives you the greatest possible price for any 3 drink blends or powders, and entitles you to FREE shipping in USA & Canada:  (see the link below)

Focus & Fortify2 ~ 5 Mushroom Blend

Excluding GST/HST
Price Options
One-time purchase
FOCUS monthly
25% OFF for convenient monthly delivery
C$23.96every month until canceled
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