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Lions Mane powder X 2 packages.

With included delivery to two locations:

Gary Wyness
834 Cultural Road
Castlegar, V1N 4K4



Connor Wyness
Box 1385 Stettler,
Alberta, T0C 2L0



#healthdrink #medicinalmushrooms


Wyness Duo of Lions Mane Powder

Excluding GST/HST
Price Options
Daybreak Monthly
C$82.00every month until canceled
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms contain two compounds — hericenones and erinacines — that can stimulate the growth of brain & nerve cells. This makes it an effective treatment for early onset dementia, spinal injuries, concussions, & nerve damage. 

    Lions mane is also restorative for stomach lining & gut issues & guards against ulcers.

    It is used as a daily supplement to increase memory function, clear brain fog & protect against alzheimers & dementia.

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