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BOMEI Clear Cellophane Packaging Tape Roll

~ Packing tape is a necessary tool for use with grow blocks. We make our blocks using biodegradable bags. This tape is a logical accompaniment to use on the bags, for wrapping and resealing blocks for subsequent flushes.

~ Packing tape is combined with cellulose film and coated with water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, material all from nature directly, making the tape degradable. This packing tape will not pollute the environment.

~ Tape width is 1.88inch/48mm, and length is 60yds/ roll.

Standard size suitable for all standard tape dispensers and tape guns.

Pls note: Tape has strong longitudinal tension and is easy to tear horizontally, making it useful with or without a dispenser.

Degradable to nature:

The eco tape began to dissolve in the soil in three months and dissolved up to 80% in six months.

Complete wont pollute the environment at all.


✔Easy tear by hand: Clear yellowish packing tape has strong tension longitudinally and is easy to tear horizontally.

✔Yellowish: cellophane box tape is made of nature raw material, so the tape color is nature yellowish clear.

✔Sustainable: packing tape kind to nature, degradable, compostable


Meteor Mushrooms is dedicated to using only sustainable practices in our growing, producing, packaging, and shipping.

Compostable Packing Tape

Excluding GST/HST
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