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These biodegradable mushroom grow bags are an eco-conscious alternative to standard polypropylene mushroom grow bags. They are identical to standard micropore bags used for creating growing blocks, myceliating grain or making plugspawn, except these bags are biodegradable! This is achieved during the manufacturing process by including an additive which promotes the oxo-degradation of the plastic. This is a HUGE advancement for the mushroom industry. The only part of these bags that is not biodegradable is the filter patch, so make sure to remove it before discarding your bags!


Composed of biodegradable polypropylene plastic, this 'large' sized, autoclavable mushroom filter patch myco bag measures 8" x 5" x 19" with gusseted sides and a 0.2 micron filter. The plastic of this bag is 2.2 mil thick. An additive is mixed with the polypropylene during the manufacturing process which enables biodegradation of the plastic after the bag has been used and discarded. The only part of this bag that is not biodegradable is the filter patch.


This 'large' sized bag can comfortably hold seven (7) quarts worth of material (in volume), while still leaving enough room to perform any standard procedure on the bag without the contents (grain/substrate) compromising/encroaching on the filter patch. The 0.2 µm filter is ideal for clean, sterile spawn production. The filter is located at the top of the bag, which allows for more grain or substrate to be loaded into the bag when compared to other bags on the market. The microporous filter patch allows for filtered gaseous air exchange while keeping contaminants out. You will need to seal these bags with an impulse sealer or mushroom bag clamp.

Biodegradable Micropore Mushroom Bags ~ LARGE

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