In The Beginning... The creation of the Rs system.

This is an excerpt from the book: Taste in Wine, wine tasting guide & journal. The conception of this book was initiated by the realisation that a standardised system of comparison was required for tracking wines sampled across time. The need arose for me when I was tasked, as the manager of a wine bar, with choosing the best wines to feature on the menu. I would sample wines over a three to four-month period and then select the best of each style or varietal. I kept notes during each tasting but, with often lengthy gaps in time between them, it was difficult to make fair comparisons. What I required was an examination form that guided the analysis of the various components of the profile of each wine, allowing for fair judgement in context to others of the same ilk. Thus began the creation of, what I have come to call, the Rosewarne Wine Review System (RWRS or Rs for short).

{downloadable Rs forms are free from , and are available in printable format or fillable format for device.}

Once I had instituted the consistent use of this system with every bottle that I sampled, I had a way of looking back over all the similar wines throughout the season and choosing the best fit for the menu. Using the Rs form simplified the evaluation, by the assignation of a score to each review, for future comparison. After implementing the Rs form successfully for a period of time, I began also using it to give structure to the wine club gatherings that I hosted. Using the form gleaned a much more thorough breakdown of the flavour and aroma profiles from all club members, whether they were trained sommeliers or completely new to wine tasting. For the wine professionals in the group, it became a method of generating descriptive reviews and for keeping a record of the tastings for future use in selecting or comparing wines. For the amateur wine enthusiasts, it gave them a lesson in what to look for and a template for organising their thoughts and opinions for discussion with the group. Recognising how well this system worked at advancing the tasting and reviewing skills of the wine club members, is what prompted me to want to share it with the rest of the wine world, which lead to the creation of the guided tasting journal. To help you to understand flavour and where it comes from, I have included pages on the basics of winemaking and an overview of wine grapes. There is so much more to learn about these topics if you are serious about improving your wine knowledge, but that is for another book. If there are any winey words in these pages that require some clarification, they are likely found in the glossary, which will help to expand your wine vocabulary.

May this book help you to get the most from every future tasting.