Growing delicious, nutritious, & medicinal mushrooms at home is a great way to maintain a consistent supply of fresh healthy food.
Mushrooms are increasingly being touted as a healthful ingredient, a substitute for animal products, & as beneficial supplements.
Meteor Mushrooms wants to help you grow these splendid specimens of healthful wonder, in your own home.
Browse our shops for the latest selection of Mushroom Fruiting Blocks, Liquid Inoculants, Cultured Agar Plates, Grain Spawns, & the tools & equipment to help you succeed.

Happy growing,

Adam Rosewarne
Jake Middleditch

Mushroom Fruiting Blocks

Many of our mushroom strains are available as fruiting blocks. These ready to grow cultures are living in a fortified wood substrate. Once the mycelium has completely suffused the substrate, simply slice open the bag & watch the mushrooms grow. Pick as they mature. Choose a culture from our Strain List or browse the fruiting blocks store below.