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    Use CryptoCurrencies for shopping in Wineville is proud to announce that we are now accepting several cryptocurrencies as payment for any products offered on our site. You need to own one of the accepted currencies in a crypto wallet or crypto exchange, to use it as payment (see opposite page).

            Instructions for crypto payment:

 1. Explore all the shops in Wineville, adding products to a single cart.

2. When you have finished shopping, proceed to checkout as normal and choose manual payment.

3. Click the link  Pay with CryptoCurrency

4. You will be re-directed to Coinbase to complete the payment.

5. Enter your name and email address. These will be used to confirm payments against billing name, so be sure to use the same name as you entered in billing.

6. Choose your desired currency.

7. A blockchain address and a QR code is produced.

7. Either scan the QR code or copy the blockchain address.

8. Send funds from your crypto wallet or crypto exchange to complete the payment.

9. Once the funds have arrived in the Taste in Wine wallet, the order will be processed.

10. Taste in Wine will send you a confirmation email.

You may be wondering why there is an article about cryptocurrency on a website dedicated to wine. There are two reasons why I included this. The first is that is now accepting Bitcoin, and several other crypto coins, as payment for products. The second reason is that I believe in the future of crypto as a method of distance payment. As such, it is my belief that the recent trend of Bitcoin rising in value to higher and higher worth, is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. Bitcoin will only ever be created in a finite amount, so as it is adopted as currency and investment capital by more and larger companies and people, it can only rise in worth. There are no guarantees to this belief. but the theory is sound. One possible threat to this is legislature created by governments to curb the growth and return all the control to the federal reserve. Another is some kind of hack that manages to thwart all of the failsafes created by inventors of wallet and crypto exchanges. The truth is, all investments have risk and there are no 100% gambles, but if the growth trends do continue, you stand to gain a lot if you invest in it now.  If you would like to begin accepting Bitcoin as payment for your products or services, try Blockonomics. You can link to it here:

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