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Taste in Wine

This is a book for any wine enthusiast.

It is designed to be small enough to take on wine tours and to wine clubs or tasting events. For those who are new to wine tasting for the purpose of judging and comparing, there are instructions and tips dedicated to making the reader a more proficient taster. There is a breakdown of all the components that constitute the flavor profile and bouquet. Then there is a wine-wheel, which is useful at any level of expertise, for the purpose of identifying all the aromas and flavors. Following that are 50 guided journal pages, which steer the user to seek all the aforementioned components and build a fair and educated wine review and accompanying rating. It is functional as a skill-building tool for beginners, but also for tracking and remembering wines tasted, and for comparing similar wines sampled across time. The final section is a glossary of wine terms, to further educate the reader in the proper terminology used by professional wine writers and sommeliers.

Use this book to:

1. Further your wine education

2. Rate wine using the Rs scoring technique.

3. Document winery tours, tasting events, wine club.

4. Write detailed wine reviews   

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